Adesso, meaning “Now” in Italian was founded in 1994 by Lee Schaak, who leads the design force and Peggy Traub, a former Bloomingdale's DMM. We are headquartered In New York City, the design center of the USA. Adesso’s specialties are fresh, contemporary, affordable lighting and furniture. Adesso is a design driven company with a proven global appeal.

        Adesso's success is the fruit of innovation, contemporary craftsmanship, high quality product, and their ability to provide high design to the masses.

       The designers and the technicians. The dream mechanics who thread light beams into hope and fascination. Here's to the daydreamers, the luminaries who stare at walls until form and function come crawling out.

       It takes shadow to make light bold, courageous and fascinating. Just as different colors come together to create white light. Adesso understands that quality, style and value are not options but essential elements needed to create the right light.

       Never forget that by giving just one person a light, you can change their life.... and when you do it right, it feels like you light up the world.