Passion for crystal is behind the masterpiece we call Allegri. The history of crystal dates back to the beginning of time.

At, Allegri, they pay homage to crystal by offering an array of classic, timeless designs, along with modern styles that transcend time.  Company's designs are dressed in the exclusive Firenze Crystal.  Firenze Crystal is sourced throughout the world to meet exacting standards for machine cut, machine polished jewels with a coating that creates an amazing high degree of shine and refraction.

Many of the collections are also adorned with crystals from Swarovski ®.  The partnership with Swarovski allows Allegri to bring you a rich array of the industry’s highest standard for brilliant clear and color crystal options.

Allegri is a brand of Kalco Lighting, and for over 34 years, Kalco Lighting has been a leader in the Lighting Industry.