To light a room, all one really needs is a bulb. Zeev designers have worked in the industry for years and possess considerable expertise in the intricacies of light design, creating chandeliers that radiate artistry and grace. Zeev’s crystals are incomparable and fixtures innovative — they act as functional ornaments, sparkling and refracting light, illuminating your home with a special glow.

Literally meaning “brilliance” and “brightness,” Zeev embodies its name.  A family business with over 30 years of experience, Zeev has ongoing relationships with vendors, as well as a keen understanding of customers’ desires. They believe in evolving, keeping communication open, and providing clients with dazzling chandeliers.

Zeev contends that everyone deserves to luxuriate in the finer aspects of life, and they further that vision by producing luminaires that epitomize affordable luxury. Zeev invites you to explore their collections and become enchanted.