Crystorama was founded in Brooklyn, New York in 1958 by Abraham Kleinberg. The company was initially founded as a primary importer of crystal and brass chandeliers from Bohemia - Northern Czechoslovakia - offering the finest selection of classical designs. Throughout the last five decades, Crystorama has evolved into a dominant producer of interior decorative chandeliers. They have focused the efforts by taking vast design experience and fusing it with current inspirations to produce fashion forward styles.

Crystorama lighting styles feature a mix of metals, finishes and crystals. These inspirations are reflected in Crystorama' s designs. The company is proud to set the stage for decorative lighting yesterday, today and for tomorrow.

"...In a gleaming Fifth Avenue shop window. In the galleries of the Museum of Modern Art. On the fashion runways, In the hidden treasures found at antique stores and flea markets. Design team keeps their eyes open for inspiriation for the show-stopping, fashion-forward timeless chandeliers and lighting fixtures. You could say that everything inspires us. New York, for one, is the muse. Working near this city, we are constantly exposed to some of the best designs and finest art in the world...", - that's what The Crystorama Team says.