Since its inception in 2000, Elegant Lighting has rapidly evolved into one of North America's premier crystal lighting designers and manufacturers. Headquartered in the historic city of Philadelphia. By channeling the expertise and ingenuity of the entire design team into each product that they offer and through the application of the highest standards of quality control to every phase of production. Company's goal is to ensure that they can offer the customers a diverse selection of products in order to satisfy their unique and dynamic aspirations and desires. It is our responsibility and privilege to ensure that the "art of lighting" permeates each luxurious piece we create for you to adorn and grace your home or business.

Elegant Lighting takes pride in the ability to effectively establish and maintain communication with the customers while conforming to their high standards. Company understands that the modern consumer desires a product that both imparts the most radiant beauty while providing real, lasting value. Elegant Lighting, with the assistance of its dynamic and passionate customers, will continue to progress and improve in order to meet and exceed those high expectations.